Your Safety Consultants for Culture Change

Changing your organization’s workplace safety culture can be difficult from the inside. Limited EHS staff might not have the bandwidth for new activity and training. Sometimes the positive safety perspective is not received well by skeptical managers or frontline employees. Often an external voice can help deliver a new perspective in a way that is not perceived as threatening, and at the same time help with the heavy lifting of training and development. Our expert safety consultants at EnPro Learning Systems are ready to be your partners and coaches in your organization’s journey to an injury-free, positive safety culture using our proven Safety System.

The EnPro Learning Systems team of practicing safety professionals acts as an extension – NOT a replacement – of your operations and EHS functions. We apply our safety culture change experience and knowledge to your existing safety program. Our safety consultants can customize our training and applications for your organization’s success.

We encourage any organization considering elements of our Safety System to attend a SafetySummit to learn about the whole system and to see it in action at an EnPro Industries facility. Whether or not you are able to attend a SafetySummit, we can start the safety consulting process with a simple exploratory conference call. Together we can determine whether to implement the Safety System step-by-step, or to start with specific elements according to your organization’s greatest need. All of these components are delivered on-site, at your individual facility locations or at combined training locations, depending up on the number of people involved and the logistics. Our safety consultants will work with you to plan the most efficient implementation plan possible.

Discovery Visits

The Discovery Visit is not an audit or even an analysis. The Discovery Visit allows you to talk about your persistent safety issues with our ELS coaches as impartial experts. In return, our ELS safety coaches will introduce your organization’s management team to our safety culture approach. Our safety coaches focus on developing support for making Safety a Core Value, and anticipating the implications for the organization and/or location as a whole. Then, we can facilitate development planning for your management team’s next steps to begin the journey to injury freedom. Learn More about Discovery Visits

Safety Gap Analysis

Usually a three stage process over the course of two days, the Safety Gap Analysis depends upon company and facility size. An ELS safety consultant will compare your current practices, procedures and cultural systems to our workplace safety culture approach and Safety System development best practices. The Safety Gap Analysis starts with a Safety Perception Survey before the on-site visit. It concludes with a workshop to review results and plan for immediate corrective actions and long-term solutions. Learn More about Gap Analysis

Safety360 Leadership Development

This two-day workshop provides an opportunity for company executives, managers and supervisors to explore their team dynamics and performance through the lens of self-actualization, mindfulness and team problem solving. This workshop also involves EHS, Quality and Human Resources professionals. To complete the Safety360 surveys, there is a registration lead time of at least 3 weeks before the workshop. Learn More about Safety360

Care Management

This one-day workshop will explore proactive practices that you can utilize to ensure the best response and care for any injury or illness, and to prevent future injuries. Our care management process expands injury investigation and reporting to include hazard mitigation and prevention across all company facilities and operations. Learn More about Care Management

Safety Action Teams: Trainer of Trainers

In this 2-day training, we will focus on how to engage the entire workforce through strategically designed Safety Action Teams, tailored to the specific needs of your organization. Learn how to initiate and sustain Safety Action Teams by focusing on safety ethics using the SafetyMyVoice tool, strategically planning teams’ purposes, and facilitating teams for long-term sustainability and success. Safety consultants also can assist or observe your trainers as they train new team members. Learn More about Safety Action Teams

SafetyFirst ® Behavior Based Safety Train the Trainer

ELS two-day SafetyFirst ® training will teach leaders how to prepare and implement the ELS behavior based safety program at your workplace. Re-frame BBS as an opportunity for improvement rather than a punitive audit with our Safety System. Our safety consultants will coach, assist and observe your trainers as they practice specific training techniques for successful implementation.  Learn More about SafetyFirst

On-Site Custom Safety Training

Successful in any type of industry, our safety fundamentals course can be customized to address tactical solutions for your company’s safety culture. Sometimes, a company must focus on compliance issues before more complex safety culture development can happen effectively. Our safety consultants can help your EHS team get compliance back on track. 

Long-Term Contractual Systems Development

ELS offers quarterly or annual term contracts for our safety consultants to visit your facilities on a monthly basis, to meet the safety culture implementation needs of your business. We can help keep your safety culture change efforts on track with general safety consulting, accountability meetings, strategy session facilitation, progress report presentations, observation visits, Safety Action Team implementation and other support functions. We also offer remote videoconference consulting.

Start the Safety System Process

Contact Workplace Learning System to schedule an exploratory conference call, to find out if WLS is a good fit for developing your company’s workplace safety culture and preventing all injuries using our proven Safety System.