Safety Action Teams: Leaders and Trainer of Trainers

EHS directors and safety managers usually have the ultimate responsibility for leading safety committees at company facilities to prevent injuries. However, there is a big difference between managing a traditional safety committee and leading effective Safety Action Teams according to the WLS safety system. With Safety Action Teams, safety efforts are multiplied and spread throughout the organization.

An essential component of a healthy safety culture is engagement from the entire organization.  In order for employees to be truly engaged, they need to have a voice in the overall system and plan.  In this 2-day training workshop, Workplace Learning System safety consultants focus on how to engage the workforce through strategically designed Safety Action Teams, tailored to the specific needs of your organization.

Organizations that actively use continuous improvement teams and total quality management to grow their operations quickly embrace the Safety Action Team model. If an organization has a top-down, command-and-control structure, it can use Safety Action Teams to begin to create a more participatory management culture.

The idea is to get as many managers and employees involved and engaged in building their own workplace, where they would want their family and friends to work. A Safety Committee may have a traditional sub-committee structure, there are two types of Safety Action Teams that are more flexible:

  1. Standing Teams – ongoing functions such as training or communications
  2. Focused Teams – specific time-bound projects such as system analysis

This safety training course will focus on workplace safety leadership and the skills necessary to lead your organization through the development of the Safety Action Teams.  We will also focus on how to design the team structure and then facilitate the teams through their initial development. 

With Safety Action Teams, your organization can prepare for more advanced safety programs, such as SafetyFirst Behavior Based Safety, or safety culture building events.

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