Go Beyond Safety Inspections - Safety Gap Analysis

The Workplace Learning Systems Safety Gap Analysis is not a traditional safety inspection, it is a three-stage safety culture assessment process. WLS Safety Coaches will compare your current practices, procedures and culture to our SafetySystem. This comprehensive analysis of your facility will allow our safety consultants to make recommendations for improvements and opportunities.

The Safety Gap Analysis requires an on-site review of current safety documents and tools, processes for communication, and time and effort to implement a working safety system. WLS designed the Safety Gap Analysis not only to be an improvement over a compliance driven safety inspection, but also as a safety leadership training and planning workshop event.

Safety inspection consultant talking with shop employeesSTAGE 1 - PREPARATION

  • Overview of the WLS SafetySystem including Safety Leadership Progression and best practices standards
  • Preparation for an on-site document review with a detailed information request (this consists of a list of documents and tools that we will want to review and discuss, as well as key personnel that we need to interview)
  • SafetyMyVoice: a safety culture development module
  • Employee Safety Perception Survey distribution


  • Document review of all safety inspection related procedures and policies
  • Review safety training tools and programs
  • Interview of all employees who suffered medical treatment and first-aid cases for the last five years
  • Safety leadership interviews of all management team members
  • A thorough facility location tour to observe operations and review processes
  • Interviews of other key personnel


  • Analysis Report - identifies strengths, weakness, gaps, and opportunities for improvement, along with recommendations for improvement actions
  • Results Map - comparison of your existing safety system into the WLS SafetySystem, identifying elements that are good as is, those that need improvement and those that are missing
  • Implementation Plan and Schedule - recommended steps for the design and implementation of the WLS SafetySystem elements, including:
    • Priorities and sequence of design and implementation
    • Proposed overall projects schedule
    • Communication Process
    • Project tools
    • Estimate of implementation time and cost

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