Webinar - RECORDING - From Behavior Based Safety to Habits of Excellence Copy

Tuesday, december 3, 2019

2:00 PM Eastern

Part 4 of the Safety Culture System Series

NOTE - This is a replay of a previous webinar.

Traditional behavior-based safety (BBS) programs are valuable for identifying potential injury risks, but why aren't they more successful in actually reducing injuries? Learn why and what you can do about it, if you are willing to embrace Habits of Excellence.

With Habits of Excellence, managers, supervisors and employees actually want to follow BBS processes and keep each other safe. We've taken our successful approach to BBS - SafetyFirst - and completely updated and revised it to reach a new level we call Habits of Excellence. SafetyFirst is not a metrics or measurement tool, it helps workers focus on developing safe work habits they use every day. As a result, workers do their jobs safely - and with better quality and production. And those results will help drive a healthier business.

We'll review the basic content of each of the 4 SafetyFirst modules:

  • Module 1 - Making the Connection through CARES
  • Module 2 - Injury Analysis and Industry Specific Triggers
  • Module 3 - Caring, Sharing and Learning
  • Module 4 - Safety Forever

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