SafetyFirst®: Behavior Based Safety Train-the-Trainer

The SafetyFirst® Behavior Based Safety (BBS) program is revised and improved for 2019. Developed, tested and implemented across all global facilities at EnPro Industries, SafetyFirstHabits of Excellence takes BBS to the next actionable level.

Most Behavior Based Safety programs start promising and prevent individual injuries. But BBS becomes compliance driven and stagnates if it does not translate into Habits of Excellence that are values driven. Instead of preventing injuries, compliance-driven BBS becomes another checklist and inspection system. With Habits of Excellence, everyone in the organization learns to reinforce positive behavior and look out for one another with shared responsibility.

2 workers talking about behavior based safety firstOur two day SafetyFirst Train-The-Trainer workshop explains how to implement and facilitate our behavior based safety program. Our safety consultants deliver the workshop at your location to your designated trainers. Participants learn the program on the first day, and then practice presenting the program like they would to their own employees on the second day.

The SafetyFirst behavior based safety course includes four program modules:

Module 1- Making the Connection (CARES)

Learn how to train employees to recognize and understand general behaviors by making the connection using C.A.R.E.S. Every employee has their own special task, job or assignment to be completed, and reviewing each of the five general behaviors individually helps employees prepare themselves for what they’re facing in their everyday work environment.  You will be prepared for industry specific and site specific triggers that will help train you towards specific work and home related injuries.

Module 2- Injury Analysis, Classification of Incidents and Industry Specific Triggers

Injury analysis is important for you to understand your company’s incidents and metrics. You will learn about our safety triangle and how injury analysis leads to incident classifications. We will review data and utilize our injury heat map to track disabilities, lost time injuries, medical treatment cases, near misses, first aids and safety opportunities.

Do your homework and come prepared with your top four injuries. We will review our top eight industry specific triggers with SafetyFirst employee videos. You will learn how the triggers relate to the work your employees do and how to keep your employees focused on their specific triggers. After understanding your specific injury data, you will create four specific behavior triggers to customize for your workplace.

Module 3- Caring, Sharing and Learning

This unique program element will help you coach your team members to give and receive feedback related to safety. The SafetyFirst Observation Opportunity Cards will teach employees to care for one another. Increase employee engagement and shared responsibility through team building.

Module 4 – Safety Forever

Sustainability is a huge challenge for Behavior Based Safety programs. With Habits of Excellence, safe behavior becomes the way we work based on our values we live by. Learn ways to keep engaged with safety and learn how to positively communicate about safety through the SafetyMyVoice  tool. 

Who Should Attend?

EHS Managers, HR Managers, or Quality Managers who will be SafetyFirst - Habits of Excellence Instructors or Trainers should attend the Train-The-Trainer session.

Frontline supervisors and employees who will learn and apply the SafetyFirst - Habits of Excellence principles should attend the Participant session.

Executives, General Managers and Staff Management who will support Instructors and Trainers with time and resources for employees to actively participate as a SafetyFirst trainer should attend a Participant session to be familiar with the content and reinforce it throughout the organization.

What Materials Will We Need?

When a on-site training engagement is scheduled at your workplace location, we will order the Instructor Manual, Trainer Handbook and Participant Workbook at discounted quantity volume rates. Contact us for a proposal and scheduling.

When you attend a 2-day Train-The-Trainer open enrollment event, as part of the registration fee you will receive an Instructor Manual, Trainer Handbook, Participant Workbook, and Choose Safety DVD at the training location. Then you can order additional training books on your own at a reduced cost using a discount code provided when you complete the Train-The-Trainer event.

If you want to learn on your own to implement the program, we encourage you to attend one of our free overview webinars about the SafetyFirst - Habits of Excellence program, and then order the Instructor/Trainer package and the Participant Workbook from our online products store.

Get Started Today!

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