Influencing Safe Habits: Safety Topic - April 2018 - Week 1


This week we’re revisiting our safe habits that we developed through our SafetyFirst program. SafetyFirst focuses on recognizing and changing our personal behaviors that put us at higher risk for injury. For example, “Don’t Feel the Steel” is a a trigger phrase that helps us remember to protect ourselves and be careful when using blades and handling sharp objects. It’s also a phrase that we can use to remind each other to stay safe in a positive way. Sometimes we’re distracted by our attitudes, not anticipating potential hazards, dealing with extra anxiety and stress, or angry about something we can’t control. This week we’ll review how these 4 internal factors affect our behaviors and can put us and others in harm’s way...

Monday, August 27

SafetyFirst:  Influencing Safe Habits “Work Attitudes”

Your work attitude not only affects how well you do your job, but it also affects how safe you are when doing it. Positive people usually perform better in the workplace because they maintain an open mind and consider the outcome of their behavior. People with negative attitudes, on the other hand, often don’t get involved and help when it comes to practicing and developing workplace safety. The person with the negative work attitude is also less likely to care about the quality of the job he or she is doing and how it is done.

A negative work attitude can lead to unsafe work habits and accidents. If you’re having a negative attitude, ask yourself why?  Check in with colleagues to let them know how you’re doing and what you can do to help.   Each day is a new opportunity to make quality products, provide excellent service, and have a safe day – you cannot control other people’s attitude, just your own!     

Tuesday, August 28

SafetyFirst:  Influencing Safe Habits “Anticipate”

In our industry we do a lot of physical work that we just take for granted without thinking about it. Our most frequent injuries are pains and strains, usually from overexertion. We think we can do more than we really can.

Tips to consider when pushing or pulling something:

  1. Is this too heavy for me to do by myself?
  2. Is there a powered way to do this?
  3. Am I using the correct tool that is designed for this type of work?
  4. Do I have enough grip and traction?
  5. Am I using good body techniques and positioning?
  6. What could happen if I slip or if the tool breaks or slips?

Remember that anytime you apply force, when it breaks the force will go somewhere.  Will there be a re-coil that will hit you?  Could you potentially fall over?   Sometimes we don’t realize this until it is too late, or until we are in the situation. Do what you can to anticipate!

Wednesday, August 29

Wellness Wednesday – Every day we encounter anxiety and stress. Here are some helpful tips for when you’re stressed out:

  1. Look at problems as challenges and opportunities – try to see the positive. You can’t always choose your circumstances, but you can choose your attitude.
  2. Get enough sleep. Sleep deprivation can cause a person to make mistakes, which can increase frustration and stress.
  3. Schedule “me” time into every day (Example:  Exercise, relaxing for 20 minutes, listening to music in your car)

Try to exercise every day, just a little bit can help. Consider a short walk at lunch time, or even some light stretching can be beneficial.

Thursday, August 30

Danger is ONE letter away from Anger

A recent study by the Annals of Family Medicine found that high levels of anger increase the risk of injury. Angry people are more likely to sustain injuries serious enough to require emergency medical care. The study it was found that nearly 32% of all the patients reported being irritable just before they were injured, 18% reported being angry and 13% reported being hostile.

There is little doubt that anger can be a contributing factor in workplace injuries, but what do you do about it? Here are some tips:

  • Consciously determine to be calm. Don't react, think! Remember your goals and respond appropriately. Choose to remain calm!
  • Communicate. When someone upsets you, tell them. Calmly talk to them about how you feel about their words or actions. Learn to express yourself better -- clear and composed. Choose to!
  • Remove yourself. Get away from the scene until you can respond without anger. Your success will not happen overnight. Take it one step at a time, one day at a time. Remember to relax. Relaxation exercises or music can be helpful, as well as taking deep breaths. Keep in mind you can reach out to someone you trust for help. Choose to!
  • Frequently take time for yourself. Do something you enjoy like walking in the park, swimming, reading, or seeing a feel-good movie. Do something nice for someone, volunteer to help others. It's okay to feel good about yourself. Choose to!
  • Look for the positives. Don't dwell on the negatives. "Don't sweat the small stuff." Don't worry about things that are out of your personal control. This is difficult, but an attitude and behavior that can be learned.

Friday, August 31

Find it First Friday:  

Let’s try something new today and make it ‘Find it First Friday.’ Take a few minutes right now and survey your work areas for Safety Opportunities. If we can find and fix these first, then we put up roadblocks to a potential injury. Remember, when you report the Safety Opportunity include suggested corrective actions!

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