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Fall Safety: Safety Topic - September 25, 2023

Fall is a favorite season for many. Relief from the summer heat, leaves changing beautiful colors, holiday seasons approaching, and favorite fall flavors make fall a great season to enjoy. This week we are going to cover some of the hazards the season can present and more importantly how to avoid these hazards so this time of the year can be enjoyed to the fullest.

Anti-Fatigue Matting: Safety Topic - September 18, 2023

Standing for long periods of time may be required based on the nature of your work but it would have long term detrimental effects to your body if proper steps are not taken to reduce the impact. Anti-fatigue matting is a popular choice to reduce the effects of long periods of standing on the body but unless implemented properly, can lead to other hazards or serve no real benefit. This week we are going to look at the health risks of standing for long periods, when, where and what types of anti-fatigue mats should be used and other measures that can be implemented in the workplace to lessen the risks.

Fatigue in the Workplace: Safety Topic - September 4, 2023

Feeling fatigued at work is not merely an annoyance, it can also lead to serious safety incidents. There have been many serious workplace accidents that can be directly linked to overly tired employees that led to the death of many. Understanding the causes and more importantly the ways to prevent or reduce workplace fatigue is a critical factor in keeping yourself and your colleagues safe.

Ladder Safety: Safety Topic - August 14, 2023

When we think of ladder safety and fall protection, we usually associate them with construction, but ladder safety and fall protection are just as important for maintenance, repairs, and everyday home improvement tasks.
A fall from any height can result in a concussion, traumatic brain injury, and in some cases, death. Ladder accidents are common at home and in the workplace and the majority of ladder deaths are from falls 10 feet or less.
This week we will discuss three commonly used ladder types, how to safely use them, and safe storing and handling techniques that you can easily implement to your usage.

Home Emergency Weather Preparedness: Safety Topic - July 31, 2023

Natural and man-made disasters can strike at any time. Have your own emergency response plans when you're at work, at home, on vacation, or on the road. When you face a natural or man-made emergency, try to stay informed through the radio, TV, or Internet. In some cases, communication becomes nearly impossible when cable, electric, and cell phone services are disabled. This week, we will discuss weather preparedness in the home and the kind of emergency supplies you should keep on hand.

Last Minute Risk Assessment: Safety Topic - July 17, 2023

Many accidents in the workplace are avoidable and often occur during routine tasks. A worker that underestimates the hazards in their job is less likely to remained focused and take the necessary precautions to perform the job safely.
This week we will discuss a tool that can be used in your workplace to provide a final review of the task at hand to ensure employees are operating safely. This tool is the Last Minute Risk Assessment (LMRA).

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