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Sleep Deprivation: Safety Brief - December 12, 2022

Sleep is necessary for your body and mind to recover so you can tackle each day at your full potential. Too little sleep puts you at risk for accidents and careless mistakes on the job and at home. This week we will discuss the adverse effects of fatigue and mitigating fatigue in the workplace, as well as identifying and managing it the second it hits.

Material Storage Safety: Safety Brief - December 5, 2022

This week we will dive a little deeper into storage safety practices for the industrial setting. Even the best of the best Tetris© masters are often challenged when it comes to not only finding room to store objects of many shapes and sizes but doing so in a safe manner. This week we will share some safety tips and best practices for storing materials in your workplace.

Crane and Hoist Safety: Safety Brief - November 28, 2022

Nothing is more frightening to a crane operator than a crane becoming unbalanced or collapsing due to excessive weight load. In an average year, injuries related to cranes and hoists account for approximately 1,000 lost-time work hours. Employees working with this type of equipment are exposed to great hazards which require taking extra safety precautions.
This week, we will discuss the safety rules for operating cranes, moving loads, and parking loaded cranes. We will also discuss how to properly inspect overhead cranes, hoists, and wire ropes used on hoists.

Stormwater Pollution Prevention: Safety Brief - November 14, 2022

Discussing stormwater pollution prevention may not be a common topic in your workplace but the more awareness you have in your facility, the better your pollution prevention program will be. Having an effective stormwater pollution prevention program requires everyone’s time and efforts. The end result of having an effective program is a cleaner environment which benefits everyone in the long run. This week we will discuss the basics of stormwater pollution prevention.

Last Minute Risk Analysis: Safety Brief - October 10, 2022

Many accidents in the workplace are avoidable and often occur during routine tasks. A worker that underestimates the hazards in their job is less likely to remained focused and take the necessary precautions to perform the job safely.
This week we will discuss a tool that can be used in your workplace to provide a final review of the task at hand to ensure employees are operating safely. This tool is the Last Minute Risk Assessment (LMRA).

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