Thanksgiving Safe Practices: Safety Topics - November 2020 - week 4



Thanksgiving may look a little different for families in 2020 but it is still a great time to gather, whether in person or virtually, and be thankful for all the good things in life. This week we will discuss some common Thanksgiving hazards and the new hazards that COVID-19 prevents and ways to get the most out of your holiday.

Monday – Fire Safety

Did you know Thanksgiving is the #1 day of the year for house fires? With homes unusually full of family, friends and fun, it can get chaotic and things can sometimes get out of hand. Today we will discuss some tips for preventing fires in the home to keep you and your loved ones safe.

  • Stay in the kitchen and monitor cooking food closely.
  • Keep candles in safe areas away from places they could be knocked over.
  • Make sure smoke alarms are functioning properly prior to the holiday.

Tuesday – Home Safety

In addition to the increased risk of fire hazards, other hazards are increased during this time as well. We will discuss those today and ways to avoid them.

  • Trip hazards. Keep the floors clear of toys, handbags and other items that could clutter the floors to avoid trip injuries.
  • Child safety. Make sure children stay away from hot liquids, cooking areas and sharp utensils.
  • Have a first aid kit stocked and ready for minor mishaps.

Wednesday – COVID-19 Safe Practices

COVID-19 presents new challenges for many families this year. Today we will discuss measure you can take to minimize the risks and keep your loved ones safe.

  • Ask family members who are feeling ill to stay home. Send them a care package and include them virtually if possible.
  • Practice good hygiene, wash hands and sanitize high touch point areas frequently.
  • Consider limiting guests outside of immediate family members. Get creative! Include extended family and friends virtually.  
  • Have friends and family members immediately notify those they were in contact with if symptoms develop after the holiday.

Thursday – Return to Work Precautions

Returning to work by following these safety precautions is vitally important to keep co-workers healthy and safe in the workplace.

  • Conduct a wellness check prior to leaving home.
  • Wearing masks correctly and always when within 6ft of coworkers. 
  • Wash hands frequently.
  • Sanitize your work area prior to starting and after finishing for the day or between rotations if working in multiple areas.

Friday – Open Discussion

This week we’ve shared many of the common safety hazards and new hazards presented during the Thanksgiving holiday and ways to avoid them to get the most out of your holiday. Now let’s open it up to the group for discussion.

  • Have you ever experienced a Thanksgiving mishap? Did you learn anything from it?
  • Will your Thanksgiving celebrations look any different this year due to COVID19 precautions?
  • What steps will you be taking to keep your loved ones safe this year?


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