Summer Storm Preparedness: Safety Topics - August 2020 - week 5



Although we are nearing the tail end of the season, summer storms are still occurring. Proper preparation is key to keeping yourself and your loved ones safe at home and in the workplace. This week we will focus on preparing for summer storms including thunderstorms, tornadoes, hurricanes, and hailstorms. 

Monday – Preparing the Workplace

Preparing your workplace for summer storms will help keep employees safe and minimize damage to ensure business can resume in a timely manner once the storms have passed. Today we will list some basic tips for properly preparing your workplace for summer storms.

  • Have a disaster response plan so all parties understand their roles and responsibilities
  • Ensure employee contact information is up to date
  • Communicate with employees when to anticipate storms and facility closure if necessary
  • Ensure all outside equipment and materials are properly secured and or covered
  • Prepare facility for potential power outages
  • Prepare external windows
  • Check that all alarm systems are properly functioning
  • Have prepared first aid response personnel and first aid supplies in the event of an injury

Tuesday– Preparing your Home

There are some simple precautions you can take in almost any situation to prepare your home for a summer storm. Below are some important steps to take to properly prepare:

  • Have a basic disaster plan so everyone in the household knows what to do if disaster strikes
  • Clean your gutters
  • Purchase and install storm shutters
  • Keep tree limbs trimmed
  • Be aware of weather forecasts and patterns
  • Secure loose outdoor equipment and furniture
  • Seek shelter in a basement or interior room when the storm hits

Make sure you have an emergency kit, including a first aid kit. You should always have supplies at the ready too including battery-powered flashlight, canned goods, bottled water, battery-powered radio, and candles, just to name a few.

Wednesday – First Aid Preparedness

A basic first-aid kit is an essential part of any summer storm preparedness plan. At a minimum, it should contain a selection of the following:

  • Bandages and gauze
  • Antibiotic ointments
  • bug spray
  • sunscreen
  • pain relievers
  • firstaid manual
  • tweezers
  • scissors

Thursday – Post Storm Tasks

Being prepared for the aftermath of a storm is nearly as important as preparing before the storm. Today we will discuss basic tasks that should be completed to help return to normal conditions safely.

  • Take stock of any injuries and provide proper treatment or call for emergency medical care.
  • Inspect the home and or workplace and surrounding area for any damages. Minor damage could cause major issues later.
  • Be cautious of any road damage when traveling.

Friday – Open Discussion

This week we’ve covered several aspects of preparing for summer storms. Now let’s take a minute to open up for group discussion.

  • Have you experienced a severe summer storm?
  • Where you prepared?
  • How did you handle the aftermath of the storm?
  • Does your workplace and/or family have a basic disaster plan?
  • Do you know what to do if there is a severe storm at your workplace or home?


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