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2024 is right around the corner.  As we close out this year and welcome in the next there are several considerations we should take into account.  This week let’s discuss different traditions for celebrating the new year and how to stay safe during these events. Wishing everyone a very happy and safe New Year!

Monday – Travel Safety

Traveling during the holiday season can be especially challenging due to higher amounts of vehicles on the road visiting friends and loved ones. New year celebrations are also notorious for increased alcohol consumption which can lead to higher rates of vehicle accidents. Today we will cover some simple tips on traveling safely to and from your new year’s celebrations.

  • Have a plan prior to starting your new year’s celebrations if you plan to consume alcohol.
    • Designate a driver who will stay sober to get friends and family home safely.
    • Plan to stay with a friend or family member after the celebration to avoid driving under the influence.  
  • If driving, be especially vigilant of other vehicles on the road.
  • Avoid leaving your vehicle overnight in an unsecure location. Vehicle theft spikes significantly on New Year’s Eve night when burglars anticipate cars will be left unattended.

Tuesday – Celebration Safety

Celebrations across the globe will be taking place on New Year’s Eve to welcome the good things to come in the incoming year. These celebrations may look very different, but many have the common themes of fireworks, which we will take a closer look at tomorrow, large gatherings and alcoholic beverages. Today we will discuss some broad tips for avoiding hazards associated with these activities.

  • Have a plan and communicate that plan with your group.
    • Know how you will get to and from your celebration safely.
    • If someone becomes separated from the group, they should know where to meet later.
    • Charge phones so you can stay in contact with your group.
  • Drink responsibly, know your limits. Even if you don’t plan to consume alcohol, others around you may and that will present its own hazards.
  • Be aware of weather conditions. New Year’s is deep in the winter season for the northern hemisphere. Know what to expect before planning your celebration.

Wednesday – Firework Safety

Fireworks are a staple of many New Year’s celebration. Many look forward to the fantastic shows of explosions and lights to reflect on the past year and ring in the incoming year. However, every year, there are large spikes of injuries resulting from firework related mishaps. Today we will share some simple tips for enjoying your firework shows safely.

  • Ensure the area the fireworks are being lit is clear of people and flammable objects.
  • Do not stand over fireworks and back up immediately after lighting them.
  • Never point fireworks towards others.
  • Never try to relight a firework that fails to ignite.
  • Fireworks should never be lit inside glass or metal containers.
  • Do not carry fireworks in pockets.

Thursday – Cold and Flu Safety

This time of year, when many people are stuck indoors, illness can spread quickly. Today we will share a few tips for keep yourself and your family healthy.

  • Like we mentioned the last few days, have a plan. Speak with friends and family members prior to planning your celebrations to make sure everyone is feeling well.
  • Wash your hands regularly and avoid touching your eyes or mouth.
  • Avoid sharing things like drinking glasses or utensils.
  • When in a public setting use hand sanitizer, especially after touching door handles, railings, buttons, and anything else people may have touched.

Friday – Open Discussion

This week we’ve covered some basic but critical tips for staying safe while ringing in the New Year. Now let’s open it up to the group to share your experiences.

  • How do you celebrate the New Year? Do you plan to do anything differently this year? What and how?
  • Have you experienced any New Year’s celebration mishaps? If so, what did you learn from the experience?
  • What other tips can you share with the group for staying safe during the New Year?


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