Hydration: Safety Topics - June 2021 - Week 1


Monday – Why Stay Hydrated?

Drinking enough water each day is crucial for many reasons: it ensures the body’s ability to regulate temperature, it keeps joints lubricated and prevent infections. A hydrated body also deliver nutrients to cells, and keep organs functioning properly. Being well-hydrated also improves sleep quality, cognition, and mood. With summer on the way let’s review hydration tips and ways a lack of hydration can affect the body.

Tuesday –

Energy: When you become dehydrated it can lower the number of enzymes you produce which will decrease your metabolism causing you to feel fatigued.

Digestion: Your body creates digestive juices to help you break down food; if you are already dehydrated having less water causes you not to be able to break down your food correctly impacting the amount of nourishment we get out of our food for energy. And causes you to pass undigested food into the intestines and harder for the body to absorb what is needed. Also, drinking a large amount of water before you eat also impacts the digestive juices by diluting the enzymes which break down the food as well and again causing undigested food to pass and causing indigestion and bloating.

Aging: When aging our cellar make up declines and less water is available to our bodies. When we dehydrate ourselves, it can cause this cellar loss to accelerate and an improper fluid balance within the body.

Wednesday –

Respiration: Similarly, like the stomach, the lungs also have mucus lining made up mostly of water, when this lining is lacking water it becomes dried out which then cause possible attacks from dust and pollens in the air.

Acid/ Alkaline Balance: When you’re not drinking enough water, your body is unable to eliminate acids from the body creating acidification in the cellular environment and the skin and kidneys are not able to do their jobs causing inflammation as well as possible yeast and fungus to grow.

Weight Management: If you feel hungry, it may also mean you are thirsty. Mistaking thirst for hunger can cause you to overeat. Additionally, the lack of energy you may feel from being dehydrated may make you want sugar to help gain energy as well.


Drink water! This is the best way to stay hydrated this summer. You may have heard of 8 glasses a water a day but this rule does not apply to everyone. Some people need less than the recommended 8 glasses while some people need more. For example, if you exercise or sweat, you will need more water. The simplest thing you can do to prevent dehydration is to drink water and keep track of how much you drink throughout the day.

Eat MORE fruit and veggies: 20% of your daily fluid intake should be from food. A lot of the foods that contain water are fruits. Fruits can keep you hydrated, and they can be a joy to eat because they are often super refreshing and several options are available during the summer season.

Incorporate Electrolyte Drinks- Electrolytes and carbohydrates help your body absorb whatever fluids you drink and give you a boost before, during, or after some time in the sun. We lose electrolytes when we sweat so it is wise to replenish them. A great alternative to sports drinks is coconut water, they both can be great options!

Pay attention to your muscles: lean muscle tissues are over 75% water and will fatigue faster when you’re dehydrated. If you find your muscles tiring quicker than normal, you should take a break and hydrate before resuming physical activity. Stay alert to how your body is feeling.

Get Creative: Drinking water can be a chore at time so find ways to make it fun. Try infusing your water with things like lemon, lime, and orange slices. Flavored ice is also an option, fill an ice cube tray with coconut water and add those to your next glass. Stay Hydrated Out There!


What are some of the tips you use in keeping yourself hydrated? Have you ever noticed when the functions of your body been reduced due to dehydration? Please share your stories with your coworkers and help others to remember to drink their water regular


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