Christmas Safety: Safety Brief - December 19, 2022



Christmas is a time to enjoy family, friends and the joy of the season. The best way to ensure happy holidays for yourself and your loved ones is to be aware of the common hazards associated with the season and some simple tips for avoiding these mishaps. Merry Christmas to all and to all a safe night!

Monday – Mental Health

Unfortunately, the holiday season can be tough for many people. It is not uncommon to experience stress or depression brought on by the demands of cooking meals, shopping, cleaning, entertaining or the remembrance of lost loved ones.  Below are a few tips on how to prevent or manage stress or depression.

  • Acknowledge your feelings – If you can’t be with the ones you love or you recently lost a loved one, it is normal to feel sadness.  It’s OK to take time to grieve.
  • Seek out community – If you are feeling overstressed during this holiday season, it may help to talk to friends or family members.  Volunteering your time to help others is also a good way to lift your own spirits.
  • Be realistic – Holidays don’t have to be perfect.  Families change and grow, traditions and rituals often do as well.  Try to plan ahead and stick to a budget.
  • Know your limits – It’s okay to say “no” to some events or activities.  Your family and friends will understand.  Additionally, taking some time to yourself to regroup can help restore your inner calm.  Tying making time to go for a walk or ready a book.

Tuesday – Christmas Tree Safety

The Christmas tree is one of the most iconic symbols of the season and there are few things more cherished than a fresh cut Christmas tree to decorate the home. As much joy as a Christmas tree can bring to the household, it can also bring destruction if not cared for properly. Today we will share a few tips on maintaining your live Christmas tree, so it brings only joy to your home.

  • Water your tree daily. A dry brittle tree can go up in flames in seconds.
  • Keep it clear of other fire hazards. Make sure your fireplace is only roasting chestnuts and not your Christmas tree.
  • Keep an eye on little ones around your tree. Those twinkling lights can be very enticing to a child and can easily be pulled down toppling your tree and the little ones along with it.

Wednesday – Electrical Safety

Most everyone looks forward to fantastic Christmas light decorations in the neighborhood but with those twinkling lights comes a major electrical burden to the circuits powering your home. You must also consider any major appliances that are already plugged into the existing circuit before adding extra load through decorations. If you plan to use more power than usual, spread it across multiple circuits to prevent overload.

Thursday – Secure Your Home from Possible Break-Ins

During the holidays, your home may contain more expensive merchandise than usual in the form of gifts waiting to be received. Also, with many families taking trip out of town to visit loved ones, it’s an extra enticing times for burglars to make their rounds. Make sure your home is properly secured before leaving for a trip. It’s also good practice to schedule gift deliveries to arrive when you will be home to avoid sticky fingers from lifting your loot. There are also many effective and affordable home security systems available to provide extra peace of mind when your home may be most vulnerable.

Friday – Open Discussion

This week we’ve cover some common hazards and simple tips for mitigating mishaps. Now let’s open it up to the group to discuss your experiences.

  • Have you ever experienced a Christmas mishap? What happened?
  • What are some steps you take to keep your loved ones safe during the holiday?
  • What other tips can you share with the group on Christmas safety?


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