Webinar- Recording - Emergency Preparedness for Active Shooter Events

Tuesday, September 17, 2019

2:00 PM Eastern

NOTE - This is a recording of a previous webinar. 

At the point of impact, generally people do not think about how they should respond in the life-threatening situation, they instinctively react because the incident is beyond their realm of comprehension. They never thought about it before, and they never imagined that it would happen. To create a workplace safety culture of caring and support, we must prepare for the unthinkable scenarios before they happen. The active shooter scenario is a brutally simple scenario, yet extremely complex in our preparation, investigation, response and recovery.

This webinar is intended to help you get your organization to think about an active shooter scenario, and to use the planning process to build up your safety culture and leadership. You will learn about preparing for 3 kinds of active shooters (workplace, criminal, and ideological) and how their planning cycles and behaviors differ.

  • Threat assessment process
  • Immediate response actions
  • Essential drills, including lockdown, evacuation and shelter in place
  • Accounting for personnel, first aid and triage
  • Working with law enforcement, medical and fire

How your team immediately reacts in any life-threatening incident – not just an active shooter scenario - can be the difference in life and death. Help your team think about safety before a response is required.