Webinar - Machine Guarding Safety Action Team

In a positive workplace safety culture, employees and colleagues who work with hazardous production machinery and equipment deserve to be protected from cutting blades, shaping files, drills, ingoing nip points, rotating parts, and flying chips and sparks. Injuries from industrial machinery can be life-changing or even fatal. 

Why not empower employees to help the company identify and mitigate machine injury exposures? During this machine guarding webinar you’ll learn how EnPro uses Safety Action Teams to prioritize and complete corrective actions.

In addition, we’ll review the basic concepts of machine guarding Safety Action Team members need to understand, and relate the concepts to a positive workplace safety culture:
•    Common causes of injuries involving machinery and equipment
•    Most important common areas to guard
•    OSHA machine guarding regulations and guarding principles
•    Guarding principles to follow when a specific issue is not addressed in OSHA regulations
•    How to identify specific unique hazards related to machinery and equipment at your location
•    Types of machine and equipment guards
•    Involving employees in identifying and mitigating safe guarding opportunities
•    Tracking and communicating corrective actions