Webinar - Live - Industrial Fall Protection

Tuesday, September 10, 2019

2:00 PM Eastern

LIVE! Webinar

Many of us know that fall protection is important for construction workers, high-rise window cleaners, electrical tower repair technicians, and others whose workplace is off the ground.

However, fall injuries can happen anywhere, and manufacturing, distribution and production workers may be even more at risk because they do not have proper safety equipment and training. A head injury resulting from a fall of little more than 12 inches can be deadly. OSHA expanded fall protection standards to general industry for just this reason. 

This Industrial Fall Protection webinar will review the basics of identifying workplace fall hazards, ladder safety, scaffold safety and roof safety. In addition, we’ll discuss slip/trip/fall hazards, personal fall protection systems, and performance-based fall protection efforts. 

OSHA requires a formal fall protection training for employees. In this webinar you’ll learn the requirements for that training and what to consider when conducting the training or contracting with a consultant to perform the training according to OSHA standards.