Webinar - Job Safety Assessments (JSA) in the Safety Culture

Rather than just another piece of red tape, a Job Safety Analysis (JSA) can be a great way to get employees and supervisors working together to create a positive workplace safety culture to eliminate injuries. Especially important for high risk and repetitive motion jobs, completing a JSA involves job task observations, job hazard identification and preventive or corrective actions. 

This safety training webinar introduces the JSA concept, describes basic JSA program management, and explains how the JSA program can enhance continuous improvement throughout the organization. 

•    Safety and financial benefits JSA programs
•    Keys to successful JSA engagement
•    Who should be included in the JSA process
•    How to identify task hazards, develop solutions and document hazard controls
•    Determine which jobs and tasks require a JSA
•    Specific steps to perform an effective JSA 
•    Relating JSA programs to safety culture development