Webinar- LIVE - From Incident Investigation to Care Management

Tuesday, november 12, 2019

2:00 PM Eastern

LIVE - Updated content!

Part 2 of 6 in the Safety Culture System Series

If an injury incident occurs in your workplace, it's essential to have systems in place to ensure care, gather and analyze relevant information and facts, correct any unsafe situations and communicate throughout the organization. Incident investigation is an important part of the process, but not the only component.  EnPro Learning System developed an extensive Care Management program to help you move from fault-finding to care, recovery and mitigation - helping people heal and making sure the incident will not happen again to hurt someone else, anywhere in your company.

What you will learn:

  • Introduction to the ELS Care Management system
  • Setting up a strong incident investigation program
  • Caring for an injured employee immediately and throughout the entire recovery process
  • Interaction with emergency providers and physicians before and after injuries
  • Reporting and communicating incidents through an online system
  • Ensuring corrective actions are completed to prevent future injuries