Webinar - Hands Versus Power Tools

Tuesday, June 25, 2019

2:00 PM Eastern

Hand and power tools are more efficient and powerful than ever before. Whether your employees use hand and power tools every day on the job or occasionally around the house, it’s good to review basic safety principles. 

This webinar will help you communicate the hazards, dangers and ergonomics factors for hand and power tools. Yes, even hand tools have hazardous sharp blades, dangerous cracked handles and unbalanced weight ergonomics. We’ll talk about the types of hand tools and corresponding power tools. Then we’ll look at the unique challenges posed by power tools based on the types of power they use: electric, pneumatic air, hydraulic fluids and powder actuated.

Finally, we’ll detail the preventive measures we can take to protect ourselves and others when using power tools: controls, guards, PPE, maintenance and more.