SafetyFirst - Behavior Based Safety Program

NOTE - This is the older version of the SafetyFirst trainer program. Available in limited quantity. 

The SafetyFirst® behavior based safety (BBS) program trains your workforce how to influence safe habits while encouraging employees to develop engagement that creates a safety culture in which people will look out for one another.  Your company’s vision or safety goal is to prevent all work-related injuries and illnesses This effort will require a proactive approach based on prevention and strict adherence to best safety practices, standardized work, policies and procedures. The approach is critical for employees to learn so they can understand and apply safe behaviors successfully. You will recognize specific opportunities to be safer. Your colleagues will rely on being coming aware, and helping each other place safety first by making it a core value not a priority.

The behavior based safety program includes: General BehaviorsCustomizable Triggers (specific to your industry), as well as a unique program element on Caring, Sharing, and Learning, teaching your team members how to give and receive feedback related to safety. By caring for one another, employees share and learn from each other.

Every employee has their own special task, job or assignment to be completed and going through each of the five general behaviors individually helps employees prepare themselves for what they’re facing in their everyday work environment.  Once you’re prepared, industry specific and site specific triggers help hone in on specific work or home related injuries.

As a Plant Manager, EHS professional, HR specialist or corporate executive, this behavior based safety program will teach you to recognize specific opportunities to be safe and aware of employees' unsafe behavior, while helping each other place safety first. You will be able to implement, give support and provide guidance to assisting the development of your own BBS program with this trainer of trainers approach. 

Employees at all levels will participate in this program with an active behavior based safety employee workbook, which helps them learn about what hazards they are exposed to in their workplace, home and while driving on the road.  When employees participate in the BBS program they will learn from others, face the everyday challenges in their environment and learn to care about their fellow coworkers.