Lockout Tagout

Most people know that industrial equipment can be dangerous when it’s being used. That’s why machines are designed with safety equipment and operators wear personal protective equipment when using them but machinery can also present hazards when it’s not in operation. As long as energy sources such as electricity, natural gas, steam, pressurized water, and compressed air are attached to the machine, a hazard exists. Workers who maintain or repair the equipment, or who will be working in close proximity to it, need to be made aware of these hazards and recognize that steps have been taken to protect them.   

We'd like to invite you to join us for this all day course where we'll take you on a deep dive into Lockout Tagout.

During this course you can expect to learn about:

    • The Standard: 29 CFR 1910.147
    • Types of Energy
    • Respnsibilities under the Standard
    • Elements of an Energy Control Program
    • Application of LOTO
    • Special Case Scenarios
    • and MORE!