Safety Culture Development Planning

Keeping employees engaged in injury prevention efforts as part of your safety culture is a challenge. But when you plan ahead on the calendar and make it a part of the business system, then safety starts to become and expected way to work. And you can extend your safety culture into your employees' homes and communities. 

Our Safety Culture Development Planning workshop is a one-day interactive session to help you plan and budget for a full year of safety-related events and communications. Then, you can return to your workplace and get organized with support from a Safety Action Team. 

You'll learn how EnPro facilities create safety culture events through Safety Action Teams, as well as details to plan for and pitfalls to watch out for.

Safety culture related events:

  • safety kickoffs to start the year off right
  • mid-year refreshers to re-focus and address issues
  • emergency response, disaster planning and recovery
  • charity fundraisers for the community
  • family picnics and community first responders appreciation

You'll leave this workshop with a Safety Culture Implementation Guide, a 30/60/90 Day Action Plan, and a Calendar and Budget for the next year. All of this to create an employee-driven safety organizational model that be sustainable and engaging. 

Who Should Attend:

EHS Professionals, Executives, HR Professionals, Quality Engineers, Plant Managers, Safety Action Team Leaders

Open Enrollment Sessions

December 11, 2019
Charlotte, NC
EnPro Industries Headquarters
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