Behavior Based Safety Trainer Handbook: SafetyFirst Habits of Excellence

The SafetyFirst  Trainer's Handbook is the trainer's behavior based safety (BBS) teaching guide. Each trainer needs their own guide to conduct the SafetyFirst Habits of Excellence program effectively.

Trainers teach and facilitate 4 interactive module sessions for participants, which help them learn about workplace hazards, individual and collective safe behaviors, developing CARES Habits of Excellence and creating mutual responsibility by communicating about safety in a positive way. 

The Trainer's Handboook includes: 

  • Trainer-specific Review content from Train-The-Trainer session
  • Script to Participant training PowerPoint slides
  • Facilitating SafetyMyVoice instructions
  • Icebreakers and Exerpiencial Learning activities materials and instructions

SafetyFirst Habits of Excellence is a larger complete behavior based safety program that includes an Instructor level manual, a Participant level workbook, and the Choose Safety Video (Download or DVD).

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