Trish Ross

EHS Practitioner

Trish Ross is a Safety Champion who brings a 360 viewpoint to clients. With a diverse cross-industry background in Safety, Quality, Contractor Prequalification, Disaster Planning and Response, Business Continuity, Environmental Reporting, Accounting, Insurance and Business Administration and as a Business Owner, she believes that culture is the heart of success. It takes a team; one that is engaged in ownership and accountability from Leadership to Boots on the ground.

Trish has been a Trainer for over 30 years, offering OSHA 10 and 30 for Construction and General Industry, NCCER, Medic First Aid, Leadership and many other topics. Her gift is to inspire passion, respect, choice management and understanding the “Why”.

World Class Business culture cannot be obtained in a day. It takes a plan of action, implemented in steps, with continuous improvement to reach that goal and stay there.

Safety follows into the deep; as a Rescue Diver, making friends with the “fishes” brings great joy. Competition Dance, Volunteer work with various organizations and a “lifelong student” mentality are her ideas of an amazingly fun time. With 35 years as a Red Cross Disaster Planning and Response volunteer, she currently serves  on the Leadership team.