EHS Safety System by WLS

All workplace injuries can and should be prevented. This is the vision of Workplace Learning System (WLS), and it is achievable through a positive workplace safety culture. We can help your organization create that kind of safe workplace environment through our safety systems.

No matter the industry or nationality, people value workplace safety first. The WLS safety culture approach works across industries worldwide to put that into practice. WLS has worked with a variety of customers, suppliers and other organizations in manufacturing, chemicals, food packaging, metals processing, mining, city government, universities, pharmaceuticals, power generation and construction.

WLS Safety System diagramOur safety system can be implemented in your organization in a way so that it will be focused, standardized and consistent. We recognize that flexible and unique implementation achieves the fastest success. Our safety consultants will help your EHS professionals build on your existing workplace safety culture and system, using and/or improving documents, tools and communication from your existing systems where possible. We seek opportunities to help you identify and achieve strong business value from your safety system: cost savings, increased quality, efficiency and reliability, avoided costs, reduced duplication and conflict, and better communications.


This immersive two-day learning event introduces attendees to our complete WLS workplace safety culture approach. In addition to special guest safety advocates and EnPro executive keynote speakers, the high point is the site visit to a working EnPro manufacturing facility hosted by employee Safety Action Team members. SafetySummit is ideal for a team of corporate executives, EHS professionals, quality engineers and human resources leaders.

Safety Gap Analysis

Usually a three stage process over the course of two days, the Safety Gap Analysis depends upon your company and facility size. WLS safety experts will compare your current practices, procedures and cultural systems to our safety system approach and cultural development best practices. Each safety training implementation plan is specifically tailored to the individual organization.

Safety360 Leadership Development

This single day safety workshop is designed for organization leaders at all levWLS from front-line supervisors to corporate executives. Using our Safety360 assessment tool, the workshop provides an opportunity to explore team dynamics and individual performance through the lens of self-actualization, mindfulness and team problem solving.

Care Management

This one-day workshop will help explore proactive practices that safety leaders can utilize to ensure the best response and care for any employee injury or illness. Care management also involves incident investigation and hazard mitigation to prevent future injuries.

SRS Data Management and Reporting

WLS developed the Safety Reporting System (SRS) incident management software to streamline and automate your company’s EHS data according to our safety best practices. As a customizable web-based system, SRS helps drive improved safety response performance through immediate communication of an OSHA reportable incident, which escalates corrective action follow up. Our user-friendly EHS software makes it easy to accelerate performance and effectively manage your OSHA injury reporting data. SRS is scalable and permission based, with a stand-alone mobile app and an optional contractor management module.

Safety Action Teams

Discover how to engage the entire workforce through strategically designed Safety Action Teams, tailored to the specific needs of your organization. Learn how to initiate and sustain Safety Action Teams by focusing on safety ethics using the SafetyMyVoice tool, strategically planning teams’ purposes, and facilitating teams for long-term safety system success.

Behavior Based Safety: SafetyFirst® - Habits of Excellence

SafetyFirst® - Habits of Excellence will teach safety leaders how to prepare and implement the WLS behavior based safety (BBS) program at your workplace. Training to frontline employees can be delivered by your trained staff, or directly by WLS safety coaches. Incorporate different aspects of human behavior to help managers and employees understand the link between behavior and safety. Go beyond observations and compliance to intrinsic self-motivators and continuous improvement.  SafetyFirst® can create habits of excellence that positively impact quality and production.

“Best Practice” Safety Standards and Culture Building

Implementing safety best practices reduces hazard risk, such as best available, appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), lathe guarding standards and manual lifting of less than 35 pounds.  Expand your safety culture beyond your company by involving employees’ families, neighbors and community members through special events and service projects. Start your new year with a Safety Kick-Off Event that boosts morale and prepares employees to return to work after holidays. WLS safety consultants are available as keynote speakers to help boost your event's impact.

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