Discover Your Safety Culture Challenges

Every organization has its own unique safety hazards and challenges. In fact, each facility location in an organization has its own unique safety hazards and challenges.

At the same time, Workplace Learning System believes that its proven approach to the positive workplace safety culture can adapt to any organization and facility, no matter what country. Everyone wants a safe place to work. That includes physical and psychological safety.

On a Discovery Visit, WLS safety coaches will visit your organization and/or specific locations to discover your unique safety challenges and explore how our safety culture approach can help you overcome them to achieve injury freedom. How do we do it? We ask a lot of questions!

Safety consultant talking with 2 workers during safety inspection discovery visitThe Discovery Visit is not an audit or even an analysis. The Discovery Visit allows you to talk about your persistent safety issues with our WLS coaches as impartial experts. While our WLS safety coaches learn about your organization’s operations and procedures, they will begin to relate your experience to similar organizations that we have assisted before.

In return, our WLS safety coaches will introduce your organization’s management team to our safety culture approach. Our safety coaches focus on developing support for making Safety a Core Value and anticipating the implications for the organization and/or location as a whole. Then, our safety coaches facilitate development planning for the management team’s next steps to begin the journey to injury freedom.

The goal of the Discovery Visit is to help your organization to gauge management commitment to developing a positive workplace safety culture.

To accomplish that goal, a basic agenda for the visit at a single location includes:

  • Introductory Safety Challenges Meeting
  • Facility Tour with Employee Interaction
  • “Safety as a Core Value” Presentation for Management
  • Safety Culture Development Planning

The Discovery Visit for a Management Team is one day or two days, depending on the size of the physical location.

A Discovery Visit for an Executive Team is one day and can be combined with a location visit. The stand-alone single day executive team agenda subtracts the facility tour and adds:

  • “Your Safety Challenge” Presentation for Executives
  • Organizational Safety Leadership Facilitation

For Workplace Learning System, “learning” is our middle name. With a Discovery Visit, we can learn about each other and begin to determine if our approach to positive workplace safety culture is right for your organization. To get started on the journey to injury freedom with a Discovery Visit, contact us directly or call 844-264-2357.