Case Study - EnPro Industries: One of America's Safest Companies

Because Safety is a Core Value at EnPro Industries, the company's ultimate vision is to eliminate all injuries at all EnPro divisions’ facilities worldwide. We believe our approach to a positive workplace safety culture applies worldwide. No matter what language we speak or nation we live in, we all want to live and work safely, both physically and psychologically.

Of course, as a corporation based in the United States, EnPro Industries’ safety culture begins at its headquarters in Charlotte, North Carolina and its U.S.-based facilities. For this reason, Workplace Learning System (WLS) is proud to be associated with one of the few companies recognized by EHS Today as one of America’s Safest Companies; for its safe reputation both in the U.S. and worldwide.

EHS Today logo americas safest companyIn fact, EnPro Industries is one of only a small handful of companies to receive the America’s Safest Company honor three times: 2006, 2011 and 2016. That’s more than 10 years of workplace safety excellence.

EHS Today created the America's Safest Companies Awards in 2002 in order to recognize companies that continue to achieve innovative and strategic safety goals. As of 2018, more than 235 companies received the award.

Companies must prove the following achievement to even be considered for the award:

  • executive leadership and frontline management EHS support
  • employee engagement in EHS processes and programs
  • innovative solutions to safety issues
  • injury and illness incident rates significantly lower than the industry average
  • comprehensive, ongoing EHS related training programs for all employees
  • evidence that injury prevention is the cornerstone of the safety culture
  • excellent communication about safety’s value to the organization
  • data to prove the benefits of the safety culture, processes and programs

Safety excellence and achieving a zero-injury workplace is as important as any other measurement of our company’s success. Enpro Industries’ leaders and managers exemplify support for safety as our core business value. However, they know injury freedom would not be achievable in every EnPro division and at every division facility without the daily participation, engagement, hard work and commitment from all of our employees.

These America’s Safest Companies are for them, wherever they are in the world.