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Halloween Safety Tips
Halloween is a fun night for people of all ages. Decorations, costumes, and candy…what’s not to love? Maybe it’s the car wrecks and house fires! Halloween may have unique safety concerns, but unique does not mean unpreventable. Let’s keep our friends and family safe this Halloween by driving, decorating, and celebrating safely.
Bloodborne Pathogens: Safety Topics - March 2018 - Week 3
This week we are going to talk about Bloodborne pathogens: what they are, how they are transmitted, risks they pose and ways to ensure you are thoroughly protected against transmission.
Wound Care: Safety Topics - January 2018 - Week 3
Sometimes the little things hurt our health the most. Any cut, scrape, abrasion or puncture in our skin could let in germs. A wound bacterial infection can be hard to treat and require a hospital stay, lead to amputation, or cause death. Know signs of an infection and do all you can to prevent one.