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Workplace Learning System: The Next Evolution in Safety Culture Development
Workplace Learning System is the next level in safety culture training and development as we transition from EnPro Learning System to an independent consulting company.
Eye Safety: Safety Topics - October 2019 - Week 4
Eye injuries in the workplace are very common. More than 2,000 eye injuries occur at work each day and about 40% of these take place in the construction, manufacturing, and mining industries. About 1 in 10 injuries result in missed workdays. Of the total amount of work-related injuries, 10-20% cause temporary or permanent vision loss. In addition, eye injuries suffered at work cost more than $300 million per year in lost productivity, treatment, and compensation. Experts believe that the right eye protection can lessen the severity or even prevent 90% of accidental eye injuries. This week, we will identify the common causes of workplace eye injuries. We will also identify the types of safety eyewear, establish the differences between lenses, and learn 10 ways you can prevent eye injuries at home and on the job.
Hands Safety: Safety Topics - October 2019 - Week 2
Daily tasks put your hands in direct contact with tools and equipment that can cause serious injury. Proper training is the key in preventing hand injuries from occurring. Each year, more than $700M goes towards hand and wrist injuries. Almost 200,000 hand injuries lead to lost work time. Up to 70% of these injuries result from a lack of hand protection. This means a majority of that money is spent on treating and settling workplace injuries that are easily avoidable through proper use of protective equipment. Before starting any task, ask yourself, “Do I know how to properly and safely operate this piece of equipment?” If the answer is no, reach out to a supervisor for help. Great safety involves safe working habits and common sense. Using the right tools and wearing protective equipment can help prevent injuries every day. This week we will discuss all things related to hand safety protection, including: preventing cuts and burns, best practices for hammers and tools, tips for tool selection, and the do’s and don’ts of hand safety.
Reporting At Risk Situations: Safety Topics - October 2019 - Week 1
In our day to day lives, we frequently take on tasks that put us directly in the line of danger. Whether from an at-risk situation or unsafe act, incidents can happen at any moment in time. While ignoring them is easier, reporting and correcting these situations ensures the safety of others who may encounter them in the future. The majority of the time, at-risk behaviors and situations have a low likelihood of resulting in injury. However, due to their high occurrence rate, they do have the potential to cause injury. The sooner these situations and behaviors are taken care of, the better. This week, we will discuss why it is so important to report at-risk situations, analyze different risk levels, and establish why intervention is necessary for improving workplace safety.
Safety Talks: What You Need To Know
Safety is like house work; doing a little bit each day helps you maintain a safe and organized environment. Periodic safety talks are essential tools for achieving a positive workplace safety culture. Their presentation and the topics they cover are important in getting the safety message across. Safety should be the first thing someone thinks about when starting and ending a workday, but after a while, work becomes routine and safety is forgotten. This can lead to injury incidents and near misses. Safety talks help keep safety on the forefront of the mind and employees safe from harm.
Forklift: Safety Topics - August 2019 - Week 2
Forklifts are necessary in many processes for helping humans handle heavy loads. Accumulation of traffic and loading hazards generates dangerous risks. This week, we will review risks, training importance, forklift operation and safety checks, and the importance behind reporting and fixing crossroad risks.
Laceration Prevention: Safety Topics - July 2019, Week 1
At EnPro Industries, laceration prevention is vital because cuts are the most common injuries at our division facilities so we must be vigilant both at work and at home. This week reviews the hazards we face in metal working and home improvement.
Is Your Leadership Hurting Your BBS Program? Modeling the Way for Behavioral Change
If we can impact each employee’s behavior and create an environment in which we all make the right choices, we can create an injury free workplace. Many behavior based safety programs focus on the front line employees’ actions and not the actions, habits or behaviors of the organization’s managers.
Behavior: Safety Topics - April 2019 Week 2
Accidents occur for many reasons: carelessness, lack of training, personal issues, or employee behavior. Employers have ultimate responsibility for safe workplaces, but we must do our part to prevent incidents. This week we’ll take a broad review of contributing factors so we don’t get complacent.
Spring: Safety Topics - April 2019 Week 1
Springtime is a great time to enjoy the outdoors with friends and family, or start new home projects and renovations. At the same time there are unique safety hazards during this time of year. From plants and insects, to power tools and tornadoes, spring time can be dangerous. This week we’ll talk about what to watch out for to keep you and your family and friends safe while enjoying the fresh air.
Safety Pitfalls: Safety Topics - March 2019 Week 1
Last week we delivered some helpful tools in creating an employee driven safety culture. An important thing to consider whenever implementing cultural tools is to make sure they’re fair, inclusive, consistent, and sustained. This week we’ll talk about some of the weaknesses that can diminish the effectiveness of a workplace safety culture.
Culture Tools: Safety Topics - February 2019 - Week 4
Leading indicators track preventative safety activities BEFORE an incident occurs. A proven way to prevent injuries is to choose leading indicators to drive increased safety engagement, instead of relying on corrective actions. Each day we'll cover a different leading indicator and its importance.
Safety Triggers: Safety Topics - February 2019 - Week 1
A ‘Trigger’ is something that sets in motion another action or event. A trigger can be a slogan or catch phrase that reinforces the value placed in certain preventative actions that reduce hazards. In recent years, there has been a shift away from chasing down compliance related issues, and towards focusing on creative safety management systems that emphasize proactive approaches. These proactive approaches include strengthening psychological awareness of hazard management. Who remembers the slogan “Click it or Ticket”? This was a public awareness campaign by law enforcement after the seat belt law was introduced to help people remember to buckle up. The same can be done for other safe practices. This week, we’ll review some trigger examples that EnPro has adapted and what they mean.
Inspections and Checklists: Safety Topics - January 2019 - Week 4
Inspections and checklists are at the core of a physical examination of the workplace and help us identify gaps, opportunities, and trends to help us run a safe and healthy business.
5S Workplace Safety: Safety Topics - January 2019 - Week 2
5S Lean Workplace for Injury Prevention Continuing with our “fresh start” approach to a New Year, January presents an opportunity to hit the reset button on workplace organization and cleanliness. It’s well documented that a Lean Manufacturing approach cannot even begin to function properly unless 5S is implemented. Sometimes we tend to relate 5-S to workplace processes and cleanliness but this week we will take a quick look at how each element of 5S has a relationship to workplace safety.
Office Areas: Safety Topics - November 2018 - Week 2
Office Areas Many workers think that the office environment is the safest workplace area. But, some of OSHA’s Top 10 most frequently cited workplace safety violations can occur in an office environment. A safe office workplace requires hazard control, good housekeeping, and safe work practices. This week we'll talk about organizing the office to prevent falls, maintain storage, protect electrical equipment, and inspect the facility.
Kickoff Event Prep: Safety Topics - November 2018 - Week 1
Kickoff Event Prep At EnPro facilities around the globe, the first working day of the year beings with the Safety Kickoff Event. Instead of turning on the manufacturing equipment and getting to work, employees gather and spend time learning about safety and getting reengaged in safe work practices.
Distractions: Safety Topics - September 2018 - Week 4
Distractions Some workplace distractions and interruptions are unavoidable but others, such as noise, personal electronic devices, multitasking, and even hunger – if not properly controlled or regulated – could lead to injuries, lost productivity, and a decrease in worker morale. This week we'll talk about workplace distractions and limiting their impact on our daily tasks in order to stay safe.
Pay It Forward: Safety Topics - September 2018 - Week 3
Pay it Forward Last week we discussed gratitude so now is a perfect time to set your wants and desires aside and focus on what you can do for others. This week we will learn more about the concept of paying it forward and how we can incorporate it into our daily lives.
Be Sure to Review - Safety Topics - September 2018, Week 2
When you do something new, be sure to review! Use a Job Safety Analysis (JSA), look for work area hazards, and follow up on corrective actions.
Ergonomics: Safety Topics - August 2018 - Week 3
Ergonomics This week we'll talk about ergonomics and the risk factors for work-related musculoskeletal disorders (WMSD). We'll also talk about identifying and preventing injuries, good rest period ideas, and our own experiences with ergonomics.
Safety and Ethics: Safety Topics - July 2018 - Week 3
Safety and Ethics Safety and ethics are words that you may hear often but how do they relate? In a very basic form, ethics are a set of moral values focusing on the principles of right and wrong. Workplace safety relies on each employee engaging their ‘Safety Ethics’ every time they face choices where the decision is not clear. This week we will focus on safety and ethics in the workplace.
Mid-Year Review: Safety Topics - July 2018 - Week 2
Mid Year Safety Review This week’s safety topic will review tips related to the injuries and near misses that happen most often in our workplace. They are incidents that we easily overlook when we’re busy or tired. In our efforts to eliminate all injuries from our workplace, focusing on preventing “minor” incidents will prevent “major” incidents from happening. Remember, injuries affect everyone.
Where do you stand as a safety leader?
Many of our clients ask about leadership development as it specifically pertains to safety, and how those skills are different than more operational leadership skills. During the brainstorming sessions that lead up to goal setting, it’s helpful to have a framework for determine your current state.