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Pinch Point Hazards: Safety Topics - September 2019 - Week 4
The industrialization of our daily tasks causes frequent interaction between people and machines. One major risk of this interaction is pinch point hazards. In some cases, pinch points can lead to amputation or death. In 2015 alone, workplace accidents led to nearly 3,000 amputations. An injury like this is irreversible and often times, difficult to mentally cope with. This week, we will discuss how to recognize, protect against, and work around pinch points.
Ladders and Fall Protection: Safety Topics - September 2019 - Week 2
When we think of ladder safety and fall protection, we usually associate them with construction, but ladder safety and fall protection are just as important for maintenance, repairs, and everyday home improvement tasks. A fall from any height can result in a concussion, traumatic brain injury, and in some cases, death. Ladder accidents are common at home and in the workplace and the majority of ladder deaths are from falls 10 feet or less. In 2011, ladder falls caused 113 fatalities in the workplace alone. This week we will discuss three commonly used ladder types, how to safely use them, and safe storing and handling techniques that you can easily implement to your usage.
Labor Day: The History of Labor Rights
The history of Labor Day is hidden behind sales racks and long weekend vacations. Many of us see the Labor Day holiday as a day off from work and the marker of summer’s end, but have you ever wondered what exactly we’re celebrating on this day?
Hidden Dangers of Home Renovations: Silica, Asbestos, and Respiratory Protection
Physical hazards are generally taken seriously, but when hazards are invisible and their effects are delayed, they go unnoticed. Despite its importance, respiratory protection during home improvement projects is often times neglected, unlike hearing, sight, and body protection. You need your lungs to breathe just as much as you need your eyes to see and ears to hear, so why isn’t respiratory protection used as frequently?
Driving: Safety Topics - August 2019 - Week 3
What if someone on your team didn’t return to work on Monday because of a motor vehicle accident over the weekend? After a long week at work, you may want to go out with friends and family and enjoy yourself; however, weekends are the worst times for vehicle accidents. You are 30% more likely to be in a vehicle accident on Saturday than any other day of the week. While you may be driving safe and sober, you can’t guarantee that everyone on the road is too. Impaired driving is responsible for more than 10,000 motor-vehicle deaths in the U.S. every year. While you can’t control other drivers or driving conditions, you can do your part to ensure you’re being as safe as possible when in control of a vehicle.
Summer Time Safety: Safety Topics - August 2019 - Week 1
Summer is for good times, outside activities, and long evenings. With the warmth, sun, and holidays, staying focused on work is difficult and incident risk increases. As employees go on vacation and contractors or temporary workers are hired, there is more potential for incident occurrences. As the season comes to an end and associates come back to work, safety rules are often forgotten over break which leads to accidents.
Summer Water Safety: Safety Topics - July 2019 - Week 4
Hot summers mean outdoor water activities with friends and family to cool off. While being outside in the water is fun and healthy, it’s very easy to neglect or forget about safety. This week we will discuss all things summer water safety. Whether you spend your summers swimming, boating, kayaking, or canoeing, this safety topic will cover it all!
Prepare for 4th of July Celebrations: Safety Topics - June 2019 Week 4
The week of Independence Day (4th of July) in the United States is a time of year for celebrations with fireworks, cookouts and sports. This week's safety topics feature tips on how to participate in these safely by taking our workplace safety culture mindset with us.
Summer Safety: Safety Topics - June 2019 Week 1
This week’s safety topics focus is staying safe while participating in our favorite summertime activities. Remember to watch out for signs of heat injuries.
Heat Injury Prevention: Safety Topics - May 2019 Week 4
Beat the Heat – Prevention Last week we discussed the different levels of heat injuries, this week we will discuss how to protect ourselves from them.
Bicycle Safety: Safety Topics - May 2019 Week 2
This week of May 13-17 is National Bike to Work Week, so this week’s Safety Topics will review some key aspects of bicycle safety, including proper use of safety equipment, the rules of the road, and fun ways to encourage others to get out and enjoying cycling safely.
Wellness: Safety Topics - March 2019 Week 2
Living a healthy life depends a lot on how we learn to manage both our work life and personal life. We spend about a third of our lives at work so making sure that work is a healthy experience is very important. This week, we’ll look at some wellness related topics that identify both illness and lifestyle scenarios that can impact our work life and how to mitigate them.
Holiday Travel: Safety Topics - December 2018 - Week 3
Holiday Travel If your family is hitting the road this year to see friends and relatives during the holiday season, you’ll find these pre-travel holiday road trip tips helpful for making your trip safe and memorable. In this safety briefing, we’ll take a quick minute to remind you of the things you should check before heading out.
Holiday Tips: Safety Topics - December 2018 - Week 2
Holiday Safety The holidays are upon us. This is a crazy time of year with lots to do and little time. This week we will review some tips that can help keep you safe this winter holiday season!
Cold and Flu: Safety Topics - November 2018 - Week 4
Cold and Flu Along with the holidays, this time of year brings the dreaded cold and flu season. This week’s briefing is focused on getting you prepared with some information specific to this year’s viruses, as well as tips and tricks for limiting the spread of germs and keeping ourselves happy and healthy during the upcoming winter months and holiday season!
Thankfulness: Safety Topics - November 2018 - Week 3
Thankfulness With Thanksgiving right around the corner, let’s take time this week to learn about and practice gratitude. Gratitude is shown as an appreciation towards another. Gratitude helps people recognize the goodness in their lives and connect with things beyond their individual self.
Autumn Safety: Safety Topics - October 2018 - Week 5
As we say goodbye to the summer sun and pull out our jackets, let’s remember the safety hazards associated with the autumn season. Along with pumpkin spice lattes, autumn brings weather changes and shorter daylight hours. Ensure you are ready to hit the roads and make it to your destination safely.
Mental Health: Safety Topics - October 2018 - Week 3
Mental Health Most of the time, mental health is forgotten. Your coworkers can be struggling and you may not even notice. It’s easy to pinpoint and work on a physical problem, but with mental health, many struggles are invisible and hard to discuss due to stigma. This week’s topic will dive into mental health and what you can do to ensure your colleagues have someone to turn to for help.
Personal Wellness: Safety Topics - October 2018 - Week 1
Personal Wellness A healthy work-life balance depends on time management. We spend about a third of our lives at work so it’s important that work is a healthy environment. This week, we’ll look at some wellness related topics that identify both illness and lifestyle scenarios that can impact our work life and how to mitigate them.
Complacency and Fatigue: Safety Topics - August 2018 - Week 4
Complacency and Fatigue Disconnecting from the task at hand can often be dangerous and create hazards. Hazards can be both physical and mental causes of serious injury. Pressure to perform well, frustration in your personal life, and fatigue are some of the most common mental causes of physical harm. This week we will focus on decreasing mental hazards by identifying their most common forms and offering easy solutions for slowing down and staying on track at work and at home.
Fireworks and Barbeques: Safety Topics - July 2018 - Week 1
Fireworks and Barbeques With Independence Day just around the corner, we are all looking forward to our backyard barbeques and annual firework shows. Everyone enjoys a great celebration of lights and festivities so it’s easy to forget that fireworks actually are explosives. This week we will discuss how you can stay safe during all your Independence Day activities.
Water Activities: Safety Topics - June 2018 - Week 4
Water Activities During the summer, it’s fun to go fishing, water skiing, and play in the water; however, not knowing how to respond in an emergency situation is not. This week's ELS Safety Topics are focused on water activities, boating prep, floatation devices, and emergency response.
Fire Extinguishers: Safety Topics - June 2018 - Week 3
Knowing how to properly use a fire extinguisher is essential in fighting fires. This week we'll cover fire extinguisher safety so you can prepared if a need arises!
Concussions: Safety Topics - May 2018 - Week 4
Concussions A concussion is a type of trauma to the brain that is caused by a jolt, blow, or bump that causes the brain to move rapidly back and forth. This motion of movement can cause chemical changes in the brain and brain cells. Although most concussions are not life-threatening, their effects can be serious. This week we'll discuss concussions and all things related to head injuries.
Motorcycle Safety: Safety Topics - May 2018 - Week 2
Riding a motorcycle is always a high risk activity so safety first must be present in every ride. The risk of collision is greater than driving a car or pedaling a bicycle, and injuries may be more severe. This week we’ll focus on smart motorcycle safety.
Driving Safely: Safety Topics - May 2018 - Week 1
Driving safely is important! Distracted driving is one of the leading causes of accidents today. Stay safe on the road with these tips!
Batteries Recycling: Safety Topics - April 2018 Week 4
Rechargeable batteries are great for conservation, but must be recycled properly when they are drained. If lithium batteries end up in landfills used for household wastes, they can contaminate the soil and groundwater. Learn about batteries that should be properly disposed of at special collection centers and not in your trash can.
Mindfulness: Safety Topics - March 2018 - Week 5
Although the goal is to create safe habits, we have to remember to be mindful. We have to make sure that we are aware of the things going on around us. That sounds simple - we'll find out this week!
Strains and Sprains: Safety Topics - March 2018 - Week 4
Strains and Sprains According to, the two are very much the same in symptoms but a “sprain is the over stretching or tearing of ligaments, while a strain is the tearing of muscles and tendons”.
Heart Awareness: Safety Topic - February 2018 - Week 3
Heart Awareness Just in time for Valentine’s Day, February is Heart Health month! Let’s take a moment to talk about the top causes of heart problems and stroke. Activity level, diet, smoking, obesity, stress, and family health history all contribute to heart health. Making small lifestyle changes can mean the difference between a healthy and unhealthy heart.
Emotional Intelligence: Safety Topics - February 2018 - Week 2
If we are not aware of our emotions and the emotions of others, it can be very difficult to recognize when someone needs support or to ask for help when we need it. Do you check in with yourself throughout the day? If part of our safety ethic is to be committed to act safely and to invest in the safety of others, our effectiveness is often lost with that lost connection.