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Labor Day: The History of Labor Rights
The history of Labor Day is hidden behind sales racks and long weekend vacations. Many of us see the Labor Day holiday as a day off from work and the marker of summer’s end, but have you ever wondered what exactly we’re celebrating on this day?
Bicycle Safety: Safety Topics - May 2019 Week 2
This week of May 13-17 is National Bike to Work Week, so this week’s Safety Topics will review some key aspects of bicycle safety, including proper use of safety equipment, the rules of the road, and fun ways to encourage others to get out and enjoying cycling safely.
Wellness: Safety Topics - March 2019 Week 2
Living a healthy life depends a lot on how we learn to manage both our work life and personal life. We spend about a third of our lives at work so making sure that work is a healthy experience is very important. This week, we’ll look at some wellness related topics that identify both illness and lifestyle scenarios that can impact our work life and how to mitigate them.
Holiday Tips: Safety Topics - December 2018 - Week 2
Holiday Safety The holidays are upon us. This is a crazy time of year with lots to do and little time. This week we will review some tips that can help keep you safe this winter holiday season!
Cold and Flu: Safety Topics - November 2018 - Week 4
Cold and Flu Along with the holidays, this time of year brings the dreaded cold and flu season. This week’s briefing is focused on getting you prepared with some information specific to this year’s viruses, as well as tips and tricks for limiting the spread of germs and keeping ourselves happy and healthy during the upcoming winter months and holiday season!
Mental Health: Safety Topics - October 2018 - Week 3
Mental Health Most of the time, mental health is forgotten. Your coworkers can be struggling and you may not even notice. It’s easy to pinpoint and work on a physical problem, but with mental health, many struggles are invisible and hard to discuss due to stigma. This week’s topic will dive into mental health and what you can do to ensure your colleagues have someone to turn to for help.
Personal Wellness: Safety Topics - October 2018 - Week 1
Personal Wellness A healthy work-life balance depends on time management. We spend about a third of our lives at work so it’s important that work is a healthy environment. This week, we’ll look at some wellness related topics that identify both illness and lifestyle scenarios that can impact our work life and how to mitigate them.
Complacency and Fatigue: Safety Topics - August 2018 - Week 4
Complacency and Fatigue Disconnecting from the task at hand can often be dangerous and create hazards. Hazards can be both physical and mental causes of serious injury. Pressure to perform well, frustration in your personal life, and fatigue are some of the most common mental causes of physical harm. This week we will focus on decreasing mental hazards by identifying their most common forms and offering easy solutions for slowing down and staying on track at work and at home.
Hydration: Safety Topics - June 2018 - Week 1
Why does hydration matter? How much water to you need in a day? What does dehydration do to your body? This week we will cover these topics and more!
Concussions: Safety Topics - May 2018 - Week 4
Concussions A concussion is a type of trauma to the brain that is caused by a jolt, blow, or bump that causes the brain to move rapidly back and forth. This motion of movement can cause chemical changes in the brain and brain cells. Although most concussions are not life-threatening, their effects can be serious. This week we'll discuss concussions and all things related to head injuries.
Ticks and Lyme Disease: Safety Topics - May 2018 - Week 3
If you’ve ever worked with cattle or spent time on a farm, you might have noticed ticks on some of the animals. Ticks are very common to unvaccinated animals and can spread disease. This week’s safety topic is a reminded to watch yourself when working outdoors and with animals to prevent the spread of ticks and disease!
Mindfulness: Safety Topics - March 2018 - Week 5
Although the goal is to create safe habits, we have to remember to be mindful. We have to make sure that we are aware of the things going on around us. That sounds simple - we'll find out this week!
Bloodborne Pathogens: Safety Topics - March 2018 - Week 3
This week we are going to talk about Bloodborne pathogens: what they are, how they are transmitted, risks they pose and ways to ensure you are thoroughly protected against transmission.
Heart Awareness: Safety Topic - February 2018 - Week 3
Heart Awareness Just in time for Valentine’s Day, February is Heart Health month! Let’s take a moment to talk about the top causes of heart problems and stroke. Activity level, diet, smoking, obesity, stress, and family health history all contribute to heart health. Making small lifestyle changes can mean the difference between a healthy and unhealthy heart.
Emotional Intelligence: Safety Topics - February 2018 - Week 2
If we are not aware of our emotions and the emotions of others, it can be very difficult to recognize when someone needs support or to ask for help when we need it. Do you check in with yourself throughout the day? If part of our safety ethic is to be committed to act safely and to invest in the safety of others, our effectiveness is often lost with that lost connection.
Winter Blues: Safety Topics - January 2018 - Week 4
Winter Blues Seasonal Affective Disorder, or SAD, is a depression that runs in cycles and usually occurs around this time of year. Due to the weather, we are stuck indoors with really low amounts of sunlight. With this we may experience mood swings, a lack of energy, weight gain, and depression; however, there are ways to help prevent these feelings.