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Active Shooter: Safety Topics - June 2019 Week 2
This week we want to think about and talk through an intruder active shooter scenario, and use this planning process to build up our safety culture and leadership. How your team reacts in any life-threatening incident – not just an active shooter scenario - can be the difference in life and death.
General Safety: Safety Topics - April 2019 Week 3
Everyone wants their safety guaranteed when they go to work, but hazards and triggers pose a risk to workers all the time. Often we just need to remember the basics and keep them in the front of our minds. This week’s safety topics will help you remember the basics. Pretend it’s spring football.
Safety Pitfalls: Safety Topics - March 2019 Week 1
Last week we delivered some helpful tools in creating an employee driven safety culture. An important thing to consider whenever implementing cultural tools is to make sure they’re fair, inclusive, consistent, and sustained. This week we’ll talk about some of the weaknesses that can diminish the effectiveness of a workplace safety culture.
Safety Triggers: Safety Topics - February 2019 - Week 1
A ‘Trigger’ is something that sets in motion another action or event. A trigger can be a slogan or catch phrase that reinforces the value placed in certain preventative actions that reduce hazards. In recent years, there has been a shift away from chasing down compliance related issues, and towards focusing on creative safety management systems that emphasize proactive approaches. These proactive approaches include strengthening psychological awareness of hazard management. Who remembers the slogan “Click it or Ticket”? This was a public awareness campaign by law enforcement after the seat belt law was introduced to help people remember to buckle up. The same can be done for other safe practices. This week, we’ll review some trigger examples that EnPro has adapted and what they mean.
Office Areas: Safety Topics - November 2018 - Week 2
Office Areas Many workers think that the office environment is the safest workplace area. But, some of OSHA’s Top 10 most frequently cited workplace safety violations can occur in an office environment. A safe office workplace requires hazard control, good housekeeping, and safe work practices. This week we'll talk about organizing the office to prevent falls, maintain storage, protect electrical equipment, and inspect the facility.
Kickoff Event Prep: Safety Topics - November 2018 - Week 1
Kickoff Event Prep At EnPro facilities around the globe, the first working day of the year beings with the Safety Kickoff Event. Instead of turning on the manufacturing equipment and getting to work, employees gather and spend time learning about safety and getting reengaged in safe work practices.