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Is Your Leadership Hurting Your BBS Program? Modeling the Way for Behavioral Change
If we can impact each employee’s behavior and create an environment in which we all make the right choices, we can create an injury free workplace. Many behavior based safety programs focus on the front line employees’ actions and not the actions, habits or behaviors of the organization’s managers.
Learning Curves: Safety Topics - April 2019 Week 4
When it comes to new challenges, most often we think about a change in our work tasks. That “learning curve” can be dangerous. We have to think harder about the task at hand, which may open us up to new safety hazards. This week we’ll remind ourselves, “If you do something new make sure to review.”
Safety Attitudes: Safety Topics - March 2019 Week 3
Notice how two different people put in the same amount of effort, but one person seems to be more successful? Attitude can make all the difference between success and failure. This week we’re focusing on Safety Attitudes that make the difference between preventing and causing workplace injuries.
Culture Tools: Safety Topics - February 2019 - Week 4
Leading indicators track preventative safety activities BEFORE an incident occurs. A proven way to prevent injuries is to choose leading indicators to drive increased safety engagement, instead of relying on corrective actions. Each day we'll cover a different leading indicator and its importance.
C.A.R.E.S.: Safety Topics - February 2019 - Week 2
One of the tools in the SafetyFirst behavioral based safety (BBS) program is an acronym known as C.A.R.E.S. This module addresses the mental preparedness and engagement of safety consciousness. By practicing these 5 Habits of Excellence daily, unsafe behaviors can be dramatically reduced. C.A.R.E.S. prepares us for a safe work day through reminders of how to keep our minds on task and to develop personal awareness tools.
5S Workplace Safety: Safety Topics - January 2019 - Week 2
5S Lean Workplace for Injury Prevention Continuing with our “fresh start” approach to a New Year, January presents an opportunity to hit the reset button on workplace organization and cleanliness. It’s well documented that a Lean Manufacturing approach cannot even begin to function properly unless 5S is implemented. Sometimes we tend to relate 5-S to workplace processes and cleanliness but this week we will take a quick look at how each element of 5S has a relationship to workplace safety.
Pay It Forward: Safety Topics - September 2018 - Week 3
Pay it Forward Last week we discussed gratitude so now is a perfect time to set your wants and desires aside and focus on what you can do for others. This week we will learn more about the concept of paying it forward and how we can incorporate it into our daily lives.
Safety and Ethics: Safety Topics - July 2018 - Week 3
Safety and Ethics Safety and ethics are words that you may hear often but how do they relate? In a very basic form, ethics are a set of moral values focusing on the principles of right and wrong. Workplace safety relies on each employee engaging their ‘Safety Ethics’ every time they face choices where the decision is not clear. This week we will focus on safety and ethics in the workplace.
Mid-Year Review: Safety Topics - July 2018 - Week 2
Mid Year Safety Review This week’s safety topic will review tips related to the injuries and near misses that happen most often in our workplace. They are incidents that we easily overlook when we’re busy or tired. In our efforts to eliminate all injuries from our workplace, focusing on preventing “minor” incidents will prevent “major” incidents from happening. Remember, injuries affect everyone.
Influencing Safe Habits: Safety Topic - April 2018 - Week 1
This week we’re revisiting our safe habits that we developed through our SafetyFirst program. SafetyFirst focuses on recognizing and changing our personal behaviors that put us at higher risk for injury. Sometimes we’re distracted by our attitudes, not anticipating potential hazards, dealing with extra anxiety and stress, or angry about something we can’t control. This week we’ll review how these 4 internal factors affect our behaviors and can put us and others in harm’s way...
How to Use Incentives and Recognition Programs to Drive Behavior Based Safety Success
How to Use Incentives and Recognition Programs to Drive Behavior Based Safety Success
Safety Communication Centers: The Workplace Accident Tracking Poster
Our EHS professionals use our workplace injury tracking SafetyFirst behavior based safety heat maps each day at our safety communication centers. Also, these centers are set up to communicate all safety information including injuries, near miss/safety opportunities, and other safety related information to all employees.