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Summer Storm Preparation: Safety Brief - August 22, 2022
Although we are nearing the tail end of the season, summer storms are still occurring. Proper preparation is key to keeping yourself and your loved ones safe at home and in the workplace. This week we will focus on preparing for summer storms including thunderstorms, tornadoes, hurricanes, and hailstorms.
New Year's Safety: Safety Briefing - December 27, 2021
2021 has been challenging for many as we learn to live with COVID. Many are looking forward to ringing in the new year and filled with hope for better days to come. There are many different traditions for celebrating the incoming year but there are some common ones we will discuss this week along with ways to stay safe during these events. Wishing everyone a very happy and safe New Year!
Christmas Safety: Safety Briefing - December 20, 2021
Christmas is a time to enjoy family, friends and the joy of the season. The best way to ensure happy holidays for yourself and your loved ones is to be aware of the common hazards associated with the season and some simple tips for avoiding these mishaps. Merry Christmas to all and to all a safe night!